How to add value to your home

Buying property is an investment. To keep up with the market and increase the value of your investment there are few ways to do it. The big question on every homeowners lips is, ‘how do ...
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SuperSize Your Deck

If you’re thinking about extensions and renovations in Auckland, and want to add the most value and “wow” factor to your home, then look outdoors. One of the biggest home improvement trends is the addition ...
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Is The Kitchen Triangle Still Relevant?

Kitchen renovations are home improvements that add more to a property than anything else. A kitchen is the heart of the home, even more so today when they are often designed as entertainment and gathering ...
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Not Everyone Can Handle Big Renovations

Because of our experience and expertise, we see ourselves as specialists in high-end projects. This applies to both new home builds and renovations. When it comes to renovating, you have choices. For a smaller job, ...
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