An Expert Guide To Home Renovation

An Expert Guide To Home Renovation

Home renovation is a way to achieve the perfect home, crafted around your lifestyle and home-decor preferences. At GH Building, we are passionate specialists of renovation, no matter how small or large. Some homeowners opt for the more expensive option of moving home rather than transforming the one they own because home renovation can sound daunting and most people don’t know where to start. We believe in the contrary. Home renovation is made easy with the transparent communicative approach we take and the modern technology we implement. Read on to find out more.


A Guide to Home Renovation

What steps are taken in the process of an extensive renovation? Let us take you through the steps to give you a basic understanding of how it all works.


STEP 1: Free Consultation

If you are interested in discussing a home alteration, we provide an informal no-obligation consultation in which our experts will guide you towards how to achieve your dream home. By gathering the necessary information about home renovations, you can make an informed decision on whether that is the right step forward for you.


STEP 2: Concept

We believe the only way to start a renovation project is to work closely with our clients to explore and identify exactly what they want. Spending time to present them with options and how we would achieve them is the first port of call. Next it is time to step back and draw up some concept plans so the client can visualise how the space will look and feel. 


STEP 3: Finalise

After conversation and conceptualising renovation plans, it’s time to finalise plans with the client in order to proceed. Our aim is to ensure the client is happy with every aspect of the renovation and it achieves the outcome they desire. From here we will set out a quote and a schedule so both parties know exactly what the path forward will look like.


STEP 4: Building Consent

It’s also essential to apply for building consent, prior to any building work. We can support this process and Auckland Council will likely process the application within 20 working days, providing no further information is required.


STEP 5: Start the Renovation

Once everything is in place, the renovation process can begin. To achieve a great outcome for your renovations we offer a special project management app that allows you to track what’s happening every step of the way. That means no worries for you as you are included in everything that is going on with your project


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