Top 5 Reasons to Build a Home in Clevedon

Top 5 Reasons to Build a Home in Clevedon

If building your own home is a long-standing dream that now has the potential to become a reality, you’ll want and require expert builders to help your dreams come true with quality workmanship from start to finish. GH Building can create your new architecturally designed home in the Auckland area to the budget and timeline we agree on before the proverbial first brick is laid. Building a home from the ground up can seem like an overwhelming investment, but with our help, we will take the pressure off your shoulders and carry the burden of planning, designing and contracting out the aspects of a new build that are necessary. This leaves you to begin deciding where to build your new home.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Clevedon

Affectionately known as Auckland’s backyard, Clevedon is a delightful rural area which offers more than the average town


1.City Proximity 

Although out of the shadow of the big smoke, Clevedon isn’t all too far from Auckland’s must-reach places. Within approximately half an hours drive of the CBD and Auckland Airport, you can easily travel to the city or to catch a flight without spending hours on the road. 


2. Food & Wine

Clevedon boasts a modest amount of small wineries to dine al fresco at, or you can opt to keep things simple and visit the Clevedon Farmer’s Market to pick up fresh local produce and homemade foods every Sunday. There are also a number of highly-rated restaurants and bars to frequent for special occasions… like a Friday night.


3. Outdoor Adventure

Alongside having the CBD close to home, you have a multitude of outdoor activities on your doorstep. Enjoy the benefits of having two stunning regional parks a stone throw away. Duder and Waitawa are at your beckon call for dog walks, hikes, cycling, picnics and sightseeing every day of the year. It doesn’t get much better than that.


4. Clevedon’s Famous Oysters

Okay, so we’ve already mentioned food. But you can’t discuss Clevedon without mentioning oysters. The famous Clevedon oysters are New Zealand’s best. Naturally grown and caught wild, you’ll be able to catch the freshly caught oysters anytime you desire.


5. Livability

With good shops, schools, facilities and coastal benefits, Clevedon is a great place to live. Building there now can be a solid investment now and in the future with house prices likely to rise as more people discover the beauty of Clevedon. Residential builds will continue to expand out from Auckland city and now is as good a time as any to contact GH Building and discuss the possibility of developing a new build in the beautiful landscapes of Clevedon.


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