How to add value to your home

How to add value to your home

Buying property is an investment. To keep up with the market and increase the value of your investment there are few ways to do it. The big question on every homeowners lips is, ‘how do I add value to my house?’. Here at GH Building, we’ve put together a guide of ways we can add value to your home.

House Renovation
Our renovations turn big business into a hassle-free process where GH Building is transparent at every step. Careful planning helps avoid unexpected surprises and gives you the confidence you expect from a full blown job with one of Auckland’s most respected builders. The first aspect of any refurbishment project is to spend time researching what you want to achieve and options for how to achieve it. Engaging customers from the very beginning through consistent communication gives you the opportunity to truly participate in the journey and you will deal directly with the business owner so that there is always clear and open communication. In addition, offering clients project management software to monitor their progress means full transparency throughout the entire process.

House Extension
The high quality of work and attention to detail guaranteed by GH Building means that adding to your home will be an easy process with a satisfying result. To get a great end product for your new extension, we offer a dedicated project management app that lets you keep track of what’s going on. You will be involved every step of the way. Our job is to make your dream come true. Having spent decades designing and building New Zealand home additions that enhance quality of life and add value, GH Building is the only way to ensure your projects come to fruition. To provide that extra peace of mind that money can’t buy, our work will be backed by New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10-year Halo residential building warranty.

Kitchen Renovation
For a renovation that transforms your kitchen into a familiar and functional eating and cooking paradise, look to GH Building’s professional builders. We offer expert advice on current trends and unique styles, whether you’re looking for some upgrades or a complete makeover. After discussing your many wants and needs, our team will develop your ideas to suit your schedule and budget to help you make your dreams come true. The kitchen is the center of any family home and remodeling in this part of the home can make a big difference in daily life.

Bathroom Renovation
For a refurbishment exactly what you asked for, our team of professional and highly trained builders will offer expert guidance on current trends and styles for a complete makeover or a few upgrades to your bathroom. With so much to focus on; Toilet, bathtub, shower, sink and all the furniture that ties them together, our team is happy to discuss your every desire and need before putting together a project based on your schedule and budget to take into account. Then and only then will we turn on the tap for your repair.

The best thing about adding an extension or undertaking a renovation to your home? It doesn’t just add value to your property, it makes your current living area massively improved in the meantime and leaves you in the knowledge that if you do sell, your house will be worth more than before.

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