SuperSize Your Deck

SuperSize Your Deck

If you’re thinking about extensions and renovations in Auckland, and want to add the most value and “wow” factor to your home, then look outdoors. One of the biggest home improvement trends is the addition of a spectacular outdoor entertainment area and it can transform your home’s appearance and value.

We’re not talking about a humble deck that any DIY enthusiast can put up in a weekend. We’re talking about large structures that more resemble outdoor rooms with a lot of space and functionality, where you can cook, eat and relax. These are not entertainment areas for the do it yourself fan. These projects are best left to professional builders like us because they are such a significant addition to the home, and they need to be done just right.

Many of the outdoor entertainment areas we work on maximise indoor-outdoor flow, and this is yet another reason why a professional building company like ours is required to handle such a renovation. It often involves removing walls and adding larger doors that allow for a seamless passage from inside the home to outside the home. This is a complex and challenging job, one that should be managed by those with expertise and experience in this area.

So, what should you incorporate into your new outdoor area? Space is the first thing to think of, and plenty of it. You need room for people to relax and that means having an area big enough to accommodate stylish and comfortable furniture. At the same time, you’ll want to be able to cook in that area, whether on a large barbecue or even an outdoor oven and have a sizeable dining table too. Now you’ll see why we recommend supersizing the area. Anything less means your guests are cramped and uncomfortable – and do you really want them eating off plates perched on their knees?

As we mentioned earlier, that external space should be just like an outdoor room and with that in mind, we believe it needs to be sheltered from the elements to some degree. That means incorporating a roof of some sort, be it solid or opening, and even walls or shutters on the side. You can choose to do this on part, or all, of the structure. It will give you the ability to entertain right throughout the day and, depending on how much shelter you build into the structure, in all weathers.

One final thing to think of is integrating the area so it looks part of the home. Many a deck is attached to a house and it stands out like a sore and ugly thumb. The ideal outdoor entertainment area is one that looks like it is actually meant to be there and not just an afterthought. It should be beautiful.

If it’s a humble deck you want, then we’re not the people you’re after. We specialise in large projects that add maximum value and aesthetic appeal, and if you’re thinking along those lines for your renovations or extensions, contact us. 

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