Not Everyone Can Handle Big Renovations

Because of our experience and expertise, we see ourselves as specialists in high-end projects. This applies to both new home builds and renovations. When it comes to renovating, you have choices. For a smaller job, there are plenty of renovation builders out there. But for larger and more challenging projects that require the highest levels of quality and professionalism, you’re better off dealing with renovations builders like us. It makes all the difference.


For a start, many people offering their services are not as highly trained or as experienced. They’re bringing a limited range of skills to each project, and if you’re investing good money into a larger residential renovation, that can cost you. They might not have the experience, project history and skills to explore all of the options with you. They won’t have your budget in mind or your lifestyle and personal home style preferences. On the other hand, we feel it’s vital to work with you right from the start so we can present you with all of the possibilities that will fit in with your desires and budget.


Experience is vital too in sticking to that budget and a schedule. These are complex issues to manage when working on large and high-end renovations, and given our history and the knowledge we’ve attained over the years, we are better placed to do this than companies that have not managed projects on such a scale. In addition, over the years, we’ve faced and overcome the challenges that renovations of this nature invariably present – meanwhile, a company with a limited track record may struggle to keep everything on track.        


Don’t forget too, that building consents will play a part in any big renovation assignment. Again, companies with less experience (or integrity) may not pay full attention to this and will go like a bull at a gate. We pay special attention to consents because if everything is not in place, the fines you will pay will be extreme. It really is a costly mistake for any work to be done without meeting all legal obligations as set out by councils and other organisations; we’ll ensure no mistakes are made at this stage of the renovation process.


GH Building will achieve the perfect balance between the old and new parts of your living spaces. With New Zealand trained and certified licenced builders, you can be sure of high-quality workmanship delivered within your budget and timeline. The result is a renovation you can be proud of. As far as we’re concerned, the bigger the renovation, the better. So, if you have a large scale or high-end renovation in mind, contact us. Remember, not everyone can handle big renovations. We can.

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